The Open Circle


Wayne has read the Tarot & been doing Clairvoyance since 1993 and running Meditation & Development Circles since 1996.  He has had some great teachers over the years, but is also a very intuitive and natural 'psychic'.  He started his professional career in Bedford then travelled extensively around the UK and other countries.  Since settling back in his home town of Bedford, Wayne has opened & runs several meditation circles and courses.  Now a qualified teacher, he uses his abilities and knowledge to teach others spiritual guidance, tarot, clairvoyance & meditation, from beginners to advanced.

Wayne has clients around the world, including The USA, Canada & Europe and is often called upon to consult over all aspects of spirituality, guidance and personal growth.  He continues to learn and grow as a teacher and spiritual person, going on courses and workshops, always passing his knowledge on to others.  Combining all the different aspects of the spiritual, healing and personal growth techniques, Wayne uses his understanding, intuition & spiritual guidance  to develop courses designed to help others grow in which ever aspect they need.  Although not thought of as a 'traditional' teacher, his clients agree that his way of teaching brings out the best in them.  Wayne is known as 'the facilitator' when it comes to spiritual work, teaching & meditation and he does this with humour, strength and a vast knowledge.

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Wayne mainly uses The Celtic Dragon Cards